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Monthly Meeting

Every month on Mondays from September to June the Guild meets at 7:30 p.m. in the Banquet Room at Woodroffe United Church. Monthly meetings include announcements and knitters news, a themed presentation by a guest speaker, Show & Tell of members' projects, along with time to check out books from the library.

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Stitch Doctor

Stitch Doctor sessions are held before Ottawa Knitting Guild meetings. in the Friendship Room at Woodroffe United Church From 7:00 – 7:30 p.m., members can brush up on knitting technique they've learned before, or learn new ones. Knitting problems can be brought to the group, and a solution is usually recommended.

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Members of the Ottawa Knitting Guild are automatic subscribers to "The Tangled Skein", our monthly publication. Regular features include book reviews, meeting summaries, links to interesting sites on the web and articles written by members for members. The newsletter is available electronically to members in PDF form in the Members Only Area.

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Member Purchase Discount

The OKG, in cooperation with local yarn stores across the region, is able to provide its members with discounts on their purchases. As well, many local stores participate sponsoring a Guild meeting. Information on purchase discounts is available in the Members Only section of the Guild’s website. Fully paid members must show their active membership card when requesting the discount.

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Members of the Ottawa Knitting Guild are able to borrow books from the Guild's library. With a selection of current and older, less available books, the library has a wealth of information for the experienced and novice.

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Knitting Challenge

Every year, the Ottawa Knitting Guild holds a themed knitting challenge. Once the theme is announced, Guild programming is developed to provide tools and tips to make the winning entry. This is an adjudicated challenge, that is a celebration of the talent, creativity and inspiration of our Guild members.

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